frankie magazine :: an article on my work

I love frankie magazine, all about fashion, art, craft, music…. So, I was delighted to hear from them, telling me they have an article on my mini-theater works!

Written by holly mccauley   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 12:00
Elly Mackay creates theatre with paper. These cinematic scenes are all hand cut out of Yupo paper, illustrated and photographed by the US artist and mother. With the same attention to detail as a filmmaker, Elly lights and styles her pieces, bringing the boys and girls in their magical settings to life. Sometimes cute, sometimes spooky, Elly’s laboured process most definitely pays off and gives a simple sheet of paper a life of its own. We especially like the process page on her site.


frankie magazine:: dollhouse



  1. Beautiful work by a Canadian artist!!! Glad to see you recognized for such creative pieces and I love the process description. Zara has worked with Indonesian puppets but I was thinking about how we could translate this in Canada. Will have to talk to about how to set up a theater in our house.

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