Victorian postcards and paper arts from my family

Great Great Grandfather’s Postcards

Our family took an outing to Wiarton last weekend and stopped in at an antique shop that was selling old postcards. My father mentioned that he had my Great-Great Grandfather’s postcard collection! He brought it out when we got home and there were some fascinating ones in there… a relatively new shot of the Eifel Tower (“the view is great from up here”); the farmer’s market in London, Ontario with the hydro lines are front and center and one that I believe said, “See you for lunch.” Wow, such prompt delivery! This one is my favourite.

Great Great Aunt Isabelle’s paper arts diaries.

Have you ever wondered how women planned their quilts in the Victorian Era? Well, after seeing such great Victorian and Edwardian postcards, we had to take a look at Great Great Aunt Isabelle’s paper art diaries. She kept 4 beautiful books; one on weaving, one on paper folding, and one on cut squares, and an exploration pattern drawing book, all meticulously crafted. They appear to be a study on quilting and textiles, though there is little written in them apart from, “1st Invention…’ She must have been quite the lady, guessing by this photograph.


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