Miniature Worlds

My last post on miniatures was lost. So, here they are again with some wonderful miniature worlds from my father and grandmother as well. I have always been fascinated by miniature worlds. I grew up with them in all corners of the house. My dad, Steve Irvine kindly photographed the clay ones in my childhood home. Descriptions below:

Images 1-6: Inside their hallow, the spirits and animals gather.  My grandmother, Barbara Irvine made several of these beautiful little worlds inside clay bowls. She was fascinated by Greek mythology. I think it comes across in her work.

Images 7-10:  My dad, Steve Irvine is a potter and makes amazing one of a kind works and functional pieces. He has made some mini worlds of his own over the years. Here is a spherical  one he did back in the 70’s. My little girl loves taking a flashlight and shining it in the holes to see the different views of the arch seen in the photo. The clock with the observatory on top has a little living-room inside as well. So perfect! My dad has actually taken miniature worlds to a different level in his macro photography and pinhole photography. He even makes his own ceramic cameras!

Image 11: Glasses, dollhouses, cards and ribbons for sale! This wonderful little world used to sit up on one of the high windows of the converted church I grew up in. On my tip toes I would look up at it and try to figure out all wares she had for sale. I recently bought a dozen or so glass jars like this and did a workshop with some girls. They made amazing houses, families, underwater worlds, beach scenes and all sorts of things.

Image 12: Who is that outside? Up at the cottage, my in-laws have the greatest little view finder on the door that turns the outside world into a little glowing scene. I have to find where I can get one of these.

Image 13 – 15: When we were in San Francisco, we went to a great tourist spot that held all sorts of old pinball, fortune teller  and arm wrestling coin machines. I was blown away by the miniature worlds and the amazing automata there. I wish I had taken more photos of them!

Image 16 -17: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such a view…  When I had my little girl I decided to make her a dollhouse. This treehouse dollhouse has been fun to work on for Lily. It is made from old wine boxes and scrap pieces of wood and trim. She thinks it still needs a slide. I am sure it will continue to evolve.


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