I Heart AMMO Magazine:: Featured in the PLAY issue!

Today Ammo Magazine, based in the UK, releases Issue 4, the PLAY issue. I am one of the featured artists! http://www.ammomagazine.co.uk/shop/issue4.html

Last night they had the Inkygoodness “Play” exhibition at East Gallery, London. Wish I could have been there.

Here is a little about Ammo:

At Ammo we’re addicted to illustration. In fact we can’t get enough of the stuff so we decided to create a printed magazine and website dedicated to finding and exposing the best illustrators in the world!

We don’t care whether the artwork’s been created using the humble pencil, mighty fineliner, Mouse, felt tip pen, crayon, Wacom pen, paint brush, fingers or any other method – we want to see it!

We’re also proud to be independent. There’s no large publishing corporation providing funding, dictating the content of our products or influencing the work we decide to showcase. Ammo’s been created out of a love for art with the hope that people will be able to use the publication and website as a platform to showcase their skills and gain recognition.

In addition to the magazine we plan to show contributors work in galleries, launch gift enriched competitions and work with others to produce some darn fine products.

So that’s us. That’s Ammo.

This is my image:: FLEET

I will post the link when they have the artist profiles up. Should be a great group.


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