Nuit Blanche Photos – At the Gladstone

After all of the excitement of Nuit Blanche I am still catching up on my sleep. What a fantastic night! The Gladstone Hotel was unbelievably packed… even at 3:30 in the morning. Here is my paper installation, Dreams for Weary Sailors (through the porthole).

Porthole:: Dreams for Weary Sailors by Elly Mackay
Here is a peek into the porthole installation I made at for Fly by Night...
Nuit Blanche at the Gladstone:: Dreams for Weary Sailors by Elly MacKay
Nuit Blanche in the wee hours... a nice crowd at 5:00am
My dear Simon learns to knit at 4:30 am...

The Gladstone Hotel was a fantastic place to be… my little Lily really loved it, especially the balloon room. She even participated in Night Roses, making a miniature rose to join the growing clay garden. Next door, a modern fairytale took place… as a woman worked all night long to shred encyclopedias into a giant mound. In the hall Tara Cooper filled the walls with a weather work… lovely prints and there was even a 12 ft. weather station, offering up warnings. My dear Simon joined the knitters and tried to learn at 4:30 in the morning… aw. My family so sweetly came down to the show. What a wonderful family. It was a very memorable night!



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