Before we wake…

Henry and Anna always knew they’d found each-other,  for in their sleep, often they would meet and travel along the banks together. – Before we wake – diorama.

A couple of weeks ago I drew some swans, placed them in my theater and begun experimenting with making ‘snow’. I was going for an image with a white palette. The last image shows one of the images I took that day.

These little swans found their way into this box. My husband (a cabinet-maker) made me the box and I made the little ceramic feet at my parents place (my dad is a potter). Thanks guys!

The diorama was created for an art show and sale in Toronto at  Project 165, MeThinks Presents. Ryan Ringer, the curator was in a show with me this Fall and saw my weather cabinet and kindly invited me to join. He has transformed the gallery into a giant diorama with little rooms throughout. My dear friends Margaret and Dawn took my work down for me and said that it was quite the event. Well worth a visit!

A selection of my prints and this wee diorama ($200 – 6x8x6 inches) are there.

Shop Hours: December 10 – 27, 12 – 6pm daily – Project 165 can be found in Toronto’s Kensington Market, 165 Augusta Ave.



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