More Miniatures

Happy New Year!

Today was my first day back in the studio after Christmas in London and with my family in Big Bay. It was so great to get to work again. My wonderful fella made me two more boxes to create dioramas in… tiny and lovely. It has been a challenge to work so small. I thought before I crazy glue in the layers of paper, I would test them out in my little theater. Here are some of the results… very exciting.

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The one with the little boy: He found the rarest of thistles by his rock in the woods.

The one with the little girl: She wove her crown from the flowers that grew around her.

They will sit side by side… based on my brother (Seth Irvine) who would sit on his rock… and a girl who lived down the road in house surrounded by glorious gardens (Margaret Loney, almost a sister). I enjoyed spending time with both of them this Christmas.



  1. Absolutely magical! I really love your work.

    As a child I spent hours with a projector in my room and with my Viewmaster (dating myself here) and your work reminds of that feeling of being pulled into a scene and feeling a part of it. Your images really engage the imagination.

    1. Thank you Chrystal!
      It is so nice of you. I found a great projector for my little girl… she loves it. I didn’t have one as a kid but would have loved it.
      I’m so happy you like these odd little worlds.

  2. I discovered your work last week, and I’m captivated.. It truly is magical. I very much like the dioramas – little worlds that you feel you could just step into. (I showed them to my children, who then spent the whole weekend making dioramas of their own..)

  3. I have just spent a magical hour wandering through your Etsy store and reading your blog. I had wanderlust as a child and your work reminds me of the simple adventures we used to have. Amazing.

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