Kite Season…

Yesterday these three sisters were flying kites in my little theater.

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Each sister crafted a kite of their own. They tied their hopes to a string and set them to fly in the wind.

I think I will play with some stop-motion. I am thinking about buying istopmotion. Has anyone tried this? Any other suggestions?

Thanks friends.



  1. I’ve fooled around a little with the stop motion recorder app on my iPhone, but have yet to try anything advanced with it. It’s a great little on the go app. I think your art would be amazing as stop motion! I added your blog to my blog roll so I can keep up with your blog regularly… Love the kite series! These touch on such great memories and thoughts about life and the simple and important moments…

    1. Thank you so much Marsha. Yes, didn’t you love flying kites. I can remember being out in the field across the road from our house and flying our big box kite.
      Perhaps I should try another stop motion one (an app) before I buy the software.
      Have a great Easter!

    1. Thank you Jannette! I just had a look at Lotte Reiniger’s work. Thank you so much for sending the link! Inspiring. Hope you are enjoying these windy days of spring.

  2. kite season is such an exquisite and heartening piece of work. I feel quite elated looking at it. I love the added text “They tied their hopes to a string and set them to fly in the wind.” Sheer inspiration! Thank-you!

  3. My daughter (12 years old) does a bit with stop motion (mostly drawing, but some 3D in clay and plans to try paper). Funnily enough, I had just sent her a link to your etsy shop because I thought she would love the way you set up your scenes and be inspired to incorporate that into her stop motion. So yep, here’s a vote for you doing stop motion with these. They would make beautiful movies.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks. I ordered my software… just waiting for it to come in!
      So great that your daughter does it. Nice to have a passion at such a young age.

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