Claymation with the TTAG Kids!

This past week I have been busy teaching courses at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery. I wish I had some pictures of the beautiful insects the morning class made this week…

In the afternoons I worked with a wonderful group of kids making a claymation movie. In small groups, they created a scene based on the theme of animals. Some had a story-line, while others let their animation develop as they played and explored the technique. I am really proud of them. Here is their movie, The Animal Planet.


Thanks to the summer studio coordinator, Riel and the great folks at the Tom Thomson for helping out and facilitating the workshops for kids.



  1. Great job!
    It’s always refreshing to see how they approach animation. I know from doing these kind of workshops myself how bonkers their ideas can sometimes be. Love the illustration technique too by the way, lovely how you use spacial depth.

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