Rethinking the Past

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Next Fall my husband Simon and I will be taking part in an exhibition at Grey Roots Museum and Archive called Rethinking the Past. The other artists are Kevin Yates, Christie Pierson, John Glendinning, and Stephen Hogbin. The artists have been asked to reflect on the collection.

Simon and I began talking about how rural life has changed for children in our region. Just as I did, Lily spends time on her Uncle Bill and Aunt Dawn’s farm, though the work and lifestyle that comes with being raised on a farm will be unknown  to her and most of her generation. Many of the old barns here have fallen down in the last 10 years. Farming once defined this region. We were drawn to the toys in the collection and to the old wooden  miniatures by Erskine Brown; his memory of what things were like as a child.

My images will accompany some large scale toys Simon is making from the 1860s barn that stood on the bluff by my childhood home. It came down last year.


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