So happy this morning…

Last night I was honoured at the Owen Sound Cultural Awards with the Emerging Artist Award. I am so happy to be living in this little city that just buzzes with culture. It was a really lovely night… good music, friendly faces and it was so inspiring to see all of the creative things happening here. I wish I could have spoken more eloquently last night to thank my family and those that have helped me… with this little guy kicking and what I am sure is ‘baby brain’, I was totally tongue tied. So, Thank you Artists’ Co-op for nominating me! And thank you to Cynthia Porter for writing up the nomination. The Artist’s Co-op has done quite a bit recently to support young artists in the community. I really appreciate their support and plan on using the award money for some things that I need in my studio. All of the winners received a gorgeous marquetry box by Diane Edwards.

Along with glowing from last night’s event, I am feeling so happy with this beautiful weather this morning. Lily and I went outside to look at the frost on the grass and leaves. It was a new discovery for her. She found the most velvety red leaf that sparkled in the sun. Delighted! Then, she found that she could ‘make clouds’ with her breath. Adorable.  I’ve told Lil that her baby brother will arrive when the snow begins to fall… we must be getting close. Just a few days to go I hope.



  1. Wonder on all fronts. Your award so well deserved. Sending you my congratulations – and best wishes for a safe and happy birthing. A whole new world about to open up for all. Just like first breath clouds.

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