Playing with water in my new theater!

Though I have lots on my to do list, I needed some creative time so for the past few days I’ve been playing in my new theater while Koen sleeps. I felt that my little train needed a last stop on its journey, so yesterday I set it up in my theater. I took several shots. I really like the brownish one and think I’ll  put it in Koen’s room eventually.

Did you know we are entering the year of the water dragon? This inspired me to create this imaginary dragon friend at Mirror Lake (up near Algonquin Park, Ontario). I wanted a mirror effect for the lake so instead of the usual papers I use for water, I tried.. yes, a mirror! Hope you like it and the other images that appeared here in my mini Mirror Lake.

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All are now available in my shop.



  1. As usual, your work is gorgeous and so very different from anything else out there.

    I’d love to see some process shots sometime that show what your theaters look like and how the different layers are set up. I know with a new baby, time for this will be thin, but I hope at some point you will both have the time and the inclination to teach us a bit more about your process. I am simply in awe of what you make.

  2. I truly love the mirror effect with the dragon and the little girl in the lake. So beautiful! I’m always so impressed with your unique and incredibly aesthetic images. Brava!

  3. I really like the dragon and girl with mirror reflection, makes me think of Puff the Magic Dragon and a lovely dream. All your images are beautiful.

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