Clouds… beautiful clouds.

What do you get for a man who makes ceramic pinhole cameras, studies chaos patterns, will venture out while the rain is pouring and lightning striking to get the perfect shot of a bolt of lightning racing through the clouds? Well, this year for Christmas I went with a membership to the Cloud Appreciation Society for my Dad. Today, his lovely photo is on their site. It is one I had to share… because it will make you smile.

My wonderful Dad, Steve Irvine spotted this cloud.

He is quite the guy. His photos have been in National Geographic and numerous other publications. Check out his work if you have a chance.

Astronomy lovers:

Ceramic fans (pinhole too):

I just wrote a story about clouds. I love them too. Here is an image of my own.

There were moments when she felt apart of everything... just floating on the wind. Copyright Elly MacKay


  1. such an interesting dimension you always add to your art- the knowledge of things around you. i just finished reading your interview on Etsy, and, of course, it was so lovely! i’m so inspired by your work! thanks for sharing.

  2. so know you even paint ufos hidden as clouds :D? But your drawings have such a warm flavor. I really enjoy to look at them.

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