Night and Day

The title of this post describes not only what is appearing in my little theater right now but also life as a mother and maker. Life is very busy right now… sometimes too busy. I have never been happier though either. Ha, well except for those chaotic moments when my 3 year old needs me to help her in the bathroom, and my 2 month old wants to nurse and the phone rings, and dinner is burning (!) but of course this is part of life for every mother and we are rewarded with smiles and hugs and seeing them when they are sleeping after a full day… Aren’t they just so beautiful? My little Koen is asleep on my lap right now.  My tired reflection tells me that this is such a short time, so I will embrace  the lack of sleep, soak in the time with my little ones and keep on making too. Here are some images of night and day… and I am sending out my thoughts to all of you tired, loving mothers and fathers.

PS. I am only putting a couple of these in the shop but if there is one you would like, send me note.

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  1. As always your work is stunning and profound. As the mom to a 13 year old and 6 year old I say savor, enjoy, and be present for all these days when they are young. Parenting in 2012 is not an easy job…the difficulties you face with potties, breastfeeding, and phones is nothing compared to cell phones, texting, sexting (happened in 6th grade with fellow classmate), internet access, Facebook, PMS, going to mall with friends, going to movies alone (with friends)….Enjoy the snuggles, messed up words, constant discovery, the wonder, the moments…it ends so quickly.

    1. Yes, I can only imagine having taught Grade 7 and 8 what it must be like to deal with all of the changes that take place at that age….
      And yes, I will savour the simplicity. Thank you Danee.

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