Making Waves… Calling on the Rain

I recently wrote a story that has been picked up by Running Press. In the story there are both waves and rain; thought they might be tricky things to create in a miniature theater.  So, I did some tests using mylar and a long exposure. I am really happy with the results. I made some of the rain images into a tryptic for Koen. It is here on etsy though for you too:

The waves:

And the wee boat at sea:

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      1. The Silent World Below the Sea — beautiful! Reminds me of Ireland. 🙂

        I keep trying to decide which one to get for my little Liam, and with all of your new artwork, it makes it that much harder to decide.

        Congrats on the book! I would love to read about your process sometime. Does it help to have illustrated for other published works?

  1. Amazing!!!! I`m such a fan Elly!!!!
    I`m having an inspirational week in my blog and you are my featured artist today!
    (I`ve started recently to make paper dioramas with my illustrations and your work
    is just so inspirational!) 😀

    hope you like it:

    are you in facebook or twitter?

    big hug! and thanks so much for sharing with us all your wonderful works! 😀

  2. i really like the story and the pictures. It reaminted my at hokusai the japanese painter with his waves. do you know him?

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