Making Waves… Calling on the Rain

I recently wrote a story that has been picked up by Running Press. In the story there are both waves and rain; thought they might be tricky things to create in a miniature theater.  So, I did some tests using mylar and a long exposure. I am really happy with the results. I made some of the rain images into a tryptic for Koen. It is here on etsy though for you too:

The waves:

And the wee boat at sea:

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5 thoughts on “Making Waves… Calling on the Rain

  1. Amazing!!!! I`m such a fan Elly!!!!
    I`m having an inspirational week in my blog and you are my featured artist today!
    (I`ve started recently to make paper dioramas with my illustrations and your work
    is just so inspirational!) 😀

    hope you like it:

    are you in facebook or twitter?

    big hug! and thanks so much for sharing with us all your wonderful works! 😀

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