Stories and more…

My head has been in the clouds lately…  Here is what I am working on.

Hilltop by Elly MacKay

I am playing with a story about a little girl who finds a friend in the clouds. Next week I’ll do a bit of brainstorming with an editor and see what we can come up with. It is getting there but not there yet.

I have also been working on images for my first book for Running Press. I am really enjoying the process. It is like a puzzle, making sure all of the images work together. Fortunately with this way of working there are many options to choose from. Today I worked on a boy looking out the window at a chickadee… It is secret. (wink)

Other news:

My box of books arrived from Kids Can Press. It was pretty exciting to see my cover in print! It is coming out soon. (Margaret and the Moth Tree by the Trogen sisters)

I am now selling my work at a new store in Seoul, Korea called Earth Music. Exciting to have work there!

My show at the Roxy in Owen Sound is also coming up this spring!

And how are you? Are you enjoying this amazing weather? I hope so. xo




    1. So happy you like it. Yes, I’d love to see clouds below my home too. I like when riding in a plane, when it breaks through the clouds and they look like a field below.

  1. It looks really nice. Because nowadays, when you just looking for clouds in Google, its all about business and thing like computing clouds for B2B. But here I got a story 🙂 I really liked it.

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