A Place of One’s Own

I feel if it is important, one finds a way. Being a maker is a challenging way to make a living and I have a new challenge. I need to find a place to make things. Right now baby Koen is in our room and is allowing me use of his room as a studio. I do often work on the kitchen table anyway but with books underway and dreams of making installations and animations, I would really like a space of my own. So… today I am setting the goal…  A studio with a window, plants and a bird feeder.

Here are a few images I made in the last couple of days. The first one with the boy is called A Place of One’s Own.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. Thank you to all of my supportive family and friends for joining me at my show this weekend! xo



  1. Best of luck! I’m dealing with the same sort of dilema… My little guy is graciously sharing his room with my art studio, but he’s getting bigger. Just found out that another one is on the way! Hubby and I already have our bedroom where the dining room should be…we share the office and laundry space in the same area…lol…

    I hope we can find an affordable place to move to, that will still have a place for me and my art. 🙂

    1. Wow that is tight. Congrats on the baby too. I hope you find a place. Yes, something that doesn’t break the bank so you can spend time making art is so important. Today I was looking at wagons, cabooses, shipping containers…. mini real estate. I was amazed at the solutions out there… fun too, though a nice room with a window is really my ideal. Good luck finding the perfect space to create Kristin and all the best to your growing family.

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