In Remembrance

My grandmother and I were very close. Her name was Barbara Irvine. She was my Dad’s mother. The smell of turpentine, incense and oranges used to fill her home, at least this is how I remember it. She passed away when I was 9 but I still hold her stories and imagery close. She lived life wholeheartedly. I want to share one of her paintings with you.

By my grandmother, Barbara Irvine – Dragon Day. Often they were scenes of Colpoys’ Bay.

She was a big influence on me in many ways. This is a picture of her with her children, Jane Irvine, Steve Irvine (my Dad) and Barb Irvine. My Koen looks so much like Dad.

Today is Remembrance Day. Our family has been thinking about the father of these children, Nat Irvine, or as his grandchildren called him NatDad. Sadly, I never met him. Here he is in his RCAF uniform. This was taken in 1943. He was 22. Today I watched a soldier and his family and couldn’t help but think of my Grandparents and the struggles they each faced during WWII.

Lest we forget.




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