A magazine so good you will be waiting by your mailbox…

I’ve fallen in love with FLOW magazine. Have you heard of it? Until last month it was only available in Dutch. It is now being shipped all over the world to paper lovers like me… in English. The first copy I got in the mail had wrapping paper and a notebook included. The second – a calendar. It is a hearty thing, brimming with inspiration contemporary crafters, mindfulness, history, stories and goodies from places like Etsy. Here is where you can pick up a copy: http://www.flowmagazine.com/order-flow-magazine/

Jocelyn de Kwant, the creative editor got in touch and will be including one of my works in the next Dutch edition (February). She also sweetly did this blog post on my work. http://www.flowmagazine.nl/2013/01/08/elly-mackay/ Very excited to be in this.



I am sure you will enjoy the magazine… it reminds me a lot of another favourite magazine of mine, Frankie, out of Australia (thanks for picking one up for me Rachel!), but with more of an emphasis on the arts. Hope you will check it out, spread the word and enjoy it. xo



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