Quill and Quire – Starred Review!

Thank you to the Rocking Horse here in Owen Sound for hosting the book launch for If You Hold A Seed. What a fabulous time! We sold out. They have just gotten a new shipment. Westside nurseries contributed seed packets for the kids to grow. Thank you.



I was so delighted to read this starred review in Quill and Quire for If You Hold A Seed… http://www.quillandquire.com/books_young/review.cfm?review_id=7910

Here is a snippet: The sparely written text, about waiting, hope, and fulfillment, is richly elaborated by the pictures, which show the beauty of the changing seasons, the varieties of birds perching or nesting in the tree, and the developing interests of the boy as he studies a caterpillar, romps with friends, and reads in the tree’s shade. Each page promises many rewards through repeated viewings, and the book seems destined to become a classic. – Gwyneth Evans, Quill and Quire.

Look for the book in the National Post this weekend too.

I thought I would share this. I am putting together an idea for a publisher. Here is the sketch and final version.






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