A surprise in the mail from the OAC

We moved 2 weeks ago to our new home and got a call from the new residents offering to pass along some mail. I am SO VERY happy we picked it up. In the pile of flyers, there was a letter from the Ontario Arts Council. A GRANT! I have been awarded a $5000 Visual Artist grant to assist in creating and developing new work and to continue work in progress. I am so delighted. It will allow me to further develop this technique and set aside some time to experiment with animation. I would like to add animation in my theater scenes. It could have all sorts of possibilities and potentially could be used in e-books for children. Simon has built me a special table for working in this way. Stay tuned!

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for your generous support!



  1. This is so wonderful!!! And I really am excited about the potential for children’s e-books!!! Your work has so much potential for this new medium!

  2. This is wonderful for you – I think of you each time I work in my craft room as I have one of your pictures framed on my table.

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