New works and news from the New studio!

Well, it has been a busy time here, getting settled into the new house. We still have a long way to go and there are still piles of boxes but we are enjoying picking paint colours, planting the garden and making the place our own. I have had fun up in the studio too. Here are some recent works. inthestudioEllyMacKay1 inthestudioEllyMacKay2 inthestudioEllyMacKay3 inthestudioEllyMacKay4 inthestudioEllyMacKaya1 inthestudioEllyMacKaya2

Thank you patrons for keeping me making! If you would like a print you can find them here:×10-print-by-elly-mackay

News! I have signed another 2 book deal with Running Press. WOOOOO! I will tell you more about the books in the future. One will be blossoming with flowers and butterflies. I am really excited! Running Press will be taking me down to the ALA in Chicago this June for my book, If You Hold A Seed! Librarians, I can’t wait to meet you.

A ‘What are you up to’ feature will be in the next international edition of FLOW magazine. I am sending off my photos today. Have you seen the magazine? (one to get!) It is my absolute favourite (following close behind Frankie). I was over the moon to see my work alongside Rob Ryan, Elsa Mora and Su Blackwell’s work. They are my paper heros! Flow Paper Heros inthestudioEllyMacKayb4 The Best Gifts by Marsha Skrypuch should be out next month! I got my proofs in the mail. I can’t wait to see the published book. I hope you will think about getting this charming story. I think it is perfect for new parents if you know of any babies that have recently arrived. The Best Gifts Elly MacKay Our community celebrates local artists through the Banner Project. This year, my mom and I both have banners up. We had a nice time taking in some great art from the community yesterday. Pheph… That about sums it up! Better get working. 10 am already?


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