Winter, in wait of Spring…

So much has happened since my last post and life has been pretty full with these two.


I’ve been working on the Anne of Green Gables Series lately and doing some personal work too.  Here are a few of the personal works:

Pebblesandwings4 SnowDay8x124 Spring'sDance2 towerhill2 TwoFamilies1




You can find them in my shop if you would like one. :)

I’ve been playing with animation on the animation table Simon made for me… I am still not ready to show any but here is a still.




*If You Hold A Seed, my first book was chosen by the Ontario Library Association as a one of ten Picture Book – BEST BETS!

*I am now doing workshops in the schools. It is such fun – if you would like to have me in and make a forest with your students you can find information here. Here is a link to the Author Booking Service.

*I will be in Thunder Bay for the Forest of Reading on May 9th and in Toronto on May 14th.

*The Trailer for my new book Shadow Chasers (COMING in May) is now up!

Hope everyone is doing well! Elly



About ellymackay

I'm Elly MacKay, an artist working with yupo paper and ink to make 3-D paper worlds. I live in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada with my husband and two kids. My twitter and etsy are theaterclouds.
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8 Responses to Winter, in wait of Spring…

  1. Jeremiah says:

    I love the beautiful new photos and the upcoming book looks amazing! It was neat getting to see a little bit of how you do your magic in the video.

  2. This is beautiful. The depth and atmosphere you create with two dimensional layers is wonderful!

  3. Loretta says:

    Hi Elly, Haven’t been by in a while (lots going on) and was so excited to see Shadow Chasers. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands! All the best to you and yours!

  4. ellymackay says:

    Hey Loretta! Thank you…. it will be out soon! I hope you are doing well and that you are seeing signs of spring. Maybe we can make a spring book next. ;)

    • Loretta says:

      I would love that! I saw some Canadian geese on my walks yesterday and the day before. Spring can’t be too far away! (Snow is predicted for the end of the week, though! So winter isn’t quite done with us yet!)

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