Thaumatropes & this and that.

Hello, hello! It has been so long since I last posted! Lots happening in the studio these days. I just got these back from the printer and am so excited I have to share them. I was flipping my business card when I thought… hmm… Thaumatropes are way more fun. I love Victorian paper toys. This is the first of my designs… Spring!

EllyMacKayThaumatrope from Elly MacKay on Vimeo.

In the Studio

This winter I have been working on outlines for 2 new books that will be out in 2017. It has been a really enjoyable process. I have also been working on some boxes for the solo show I will be having at the Longwood Centre in Virginia this summer. The show will run the whole summer and will include my photos, original dioramas, a large installation, sketches and an animation wheel (if I can get it working).

Right now I am making a series of Grimm boxes. Here is a peek at one of the scenes – Snow White and Rose Red meet the ungrateful dwarf while collecting kindling. My wonderful husband, Simon MacKay is making all of the boxes for me. They will be available for sale in November.

SnowWhiteRoseRed_EllyMacKay_16 - 1 (1)
Interior of one of several Grimm boxes for the upcoming show at the Longwood Centre in Virginia.

The Nightingale Award

The Digital Donor Tribute wall that we created for the Boston Children’s Hospital won the Nightingale* GOLD Award! This is a team project that I am so proud to be a part of. Christina Amri and engineer Tim Feldman and a group from Amri studio animated photos of water, branches and chickadees that I made in my theatre to create an interactive wall. When children come near the panels, a little chickadee will hop or fly over to them.

To learn more visit: Amri Studio

Butterfly Park

So the end of the year comes and with it comes a sort of nervousness and hope for authors and illustrators as you see the lists of favourite books out there. It always makes me feel a little queasy. So, when I heard that Butterfly Park had made it on to a few… well, I felt good. Really, it is such an honour to mentioned in these and I am so thankful.

  • Gellet Burgess Award – Honor in Book of the Year
  • Top 2015 Mighty Girl Books for Young Readers
  • 2015 Best Books List (preschool—early elementary) – Atlanta Parent Magazine
  • Nominee for the Kindie Favourite Picture Book with Text – Canadian
  • Hilary Taber’s Top 15 -Coveted Book Seller Award – Best Picture Book
  • The 10 Best Picture Books of 2015 – Readings (Australia)
  • Tie with Julie Morstad for Favourite Illustrator – Kinderlit
Pondecott Award_MillsPondSchool
Mills Pond E.S. Pondecott

So being an illustrator is a pretty great job. But when you hear from kids… that is awesome. The kids at Mills Pond Elementary School did a mock Caldecott… and they chose my book!  (Thanks Grade 2s and 3s!)

I was also super excited yesterday to get this book trailer that the kids at Evergreen Heights Education Centre made for me.  (Thanks Grade 2s and 3s!)

IMG_1448 from Elly MacKay on Vimeo.


I’ve been really enjoying going out to all the schools too. Lots of lovely and exciting things to be thankful for this winter.

Especially, the winter fun I’ve had with these two:

LilandKo'sSnowman - 1
My daughter just realizing my son is eating all the buttons.




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